About Leco Solar

We are committed to providing the highest quality and variety of wire management solutions to the industry.

With cable ties at the core of Leco Solar, our company has increased its offerings through the years to include Edge Clips, PV Wire Clips, Stainless Steel Solar Ties, Fir Tree Mounts, Adhesive Mounting Bases, Labels and Placards.

At Leco Solar we meet customer requirements with a wide range of products and offer solutions and alternatives.

Such as a simple product substitution to a complete redesign of applications; we have enabled our customers to achieve many of their own goals, including sales growth, direct and indirect cost savings, increased inventory turns, and vendor consolidation.

At Leco Solar it is our mission to provide a combination of quality products, exceptional service and value pricing while establishing strong long term partnerships with our customers.

Through training and teamwork we strive for continuous improvement in our processes leading to superior quality and craftsmanship.

Leco Solar will become a recognized leader in the plastic injection molding, metal stamping and printing industry having earned the trust and respect from our customers by providing reliable cost effective services that continuously exceed expectations.
Service has always been and continues to be at the backbone of the Leco Solar approach and a key element in its steady growth since inception.

From the initial inquiry to shipment of the customer’s product to developing long term growth plans, Leco Solar develops solid and mutually beneficial relationships with its customers.

Consistent delivery and same day order fulfillment without backorders is uppermost as a company goal and is supported by the deep inventories of a broad range of products.

Fast response time for quotes and orders, competitive pricing, cross referencing of parts, custom packaging and labeling, availability of prints, specifications and samples, and readily available information provided by a qualified and professional inside and outside sales staff are among the many services through Leco Solar.